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Nutrition & Diet: The Round Table, Part 1

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With much of the available diet advice focused upon directing the public away from the facts or at least ‘common sense’, the truth of the matter is that it takes a lifestyle change to reverse society’s poor dietary habits. Albeit that will seem complicated, this approach is ‘simple’, in-fact so refreshingly easy that I refer to the plan as ‘Simplicity’.


Athletes that do not respect the importance of a healthy diet will not attain their potential. Prior to going any further, let me state unequivocally the ‘Simplicity’ plan is terribly unoriginal and in-fact steeped in standard practices of another era.

While the breakdown of the family unit and values played a major role in dietary habits, the massive shift in food distribution, farming practices and ultimate reliance upon processed items has derailed any reasonable chance of optimal health. Though that goes completely against the grain of the industry that will look to continue the public's reliance on what is truly odd eating practices, the answer is to look towards our past and a ‘simpler time’.

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Whilst self-appointed ‘gurus’ and their marketing experts will shift the public's attention to catchy slogan's to suit a publicity machine, the finest dietary advice available stems from our heritage. Sadly, the public has become a peculiar pawn in this process and with roughly fifty years of poor dietary habits, the near-death of cuisine and the destruction of the family unit, once common habits have been lost. Though that commentary may not ring true to some, unfortunately the vast majority of the public has been bred into a world that the media has helped create dysfunctional body images and truthfully has a sub-standard quality of life. While I will reserve commentary for a later article, body imagery in the media has done an enormous disservice to the public.

‘Simplicity’, rolls back to the starting line, unshackles the public from a problematic cycle that the food industry has helped create and along with the endless health benefits throughout society, greatly improves the quality of life. In the first ten ‘Simplicity’ rules, adopt each of these immediately.

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1. Start each day with a centuries old tonic that is blend of a few tablespoons of 'raw' honey from local sources with one to two lemons squeezed in a glass of hot water.

2. Eat healthy balanced meals with meat, vegetable and fruit sources with proportions of each roughly the size of your palm and make use of natural marinades that include olive oil as an example.

3. Push away from the table without being ‘full’. Gluttony or sloth-like tendencies are not admirable qualities nor is the inability to understand table manners and etiquette.

4. Restore the Family Meal. Enjoy your meal with family and friends as a moment of fellowship. Read that again because if you do not understand that, you seriously have not understood why I continue to write on exercise.

5. Turn your phone and television off when eating. While the latter offers little at any stage in life, the mindless phone calls and 'texting' during a meal destroys any form of relaxation. Furthermore, next time someone texts while eating with you, leave but text them quickly thereafter to inform them they may now enjoy the meal alone.

6. Never consume processed foods. Consume nothing that comes from a box or soft drinks. Have some self-control and discipline.

7. Drive by the drive-through. No ‘take-away’ or ‘fast foods’ and eradicate the planet from this foul scourge that has somehow convinced the public speed up life and forget the family meal.

8. If shopping at a large grocer, consider your ‘hunting and gathering’ restricted to the perimeter. Enter the food store and stay on the perimeter, where only fresh food is available as death lays within the aisles of processed foods.

9. Consume ten to fifteen servings of vegetables a day as a minimum and where possible choose from organic sources! If you are blessed enough to have a backyard, better still enjoy the fruits of your labour.

10. Consider your shopping from local farmer markets, true butcher shops with finely marbled meats. Meet your local suppliers, shake their hands and build a community faith

Prepared by John Davies

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