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We are all in sales, as I learned early in my life from the best damn salesman you never met.

Whilst many will argue or debate this notion, if one cannot convince their merit to an organisation in some manner they will invariably find themselves look for a new environment soon enough.

Whether one likes it or not, whether directly or indirectly, we are all selling in some manner. This applies to personal goals, the ability to convince or sell oneself on their ability to accomplish a goal and take a leap of faith, the educator at the front of the classroom cultivating interest in a topic they know will assist their students development, the coach convincing athletes the importance of a healthy diet and yes, the sales force working tirelessly to sell products and services.

Despite the public being presented with overbearing images of sales teams, successful selling starts with important upstanding characteristics that are far from said image.

It starts with being a good listener, understanding the needs of others and then, armed with this crucial knowledge, working diligently to over deliver on your promises.

With that said to truly be an accomplished salesperson one must start with another crucial trait; never sell yourself short.

Instead, sell yourself today that you are without limits and the future is now yours to make.

Good hunting to all.


Prepared by John Davies

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