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He is part Parisian, part Spaniard and wrestles with the style and flair of a seasoned Luchador, He is Norangé Ocho.

NarangeOcho A RightCoast Pro Wrestling RCP36 Event

NarangeOcho E RightCoast Pro Wrestling RCP36 Event

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He follows the chivalrous code of warriors as taught by his Mark of R Renegade Training instructors at the DMC™ Paris Dojo. He is an internationally acclaimed educator as well. Norangé Ocho is not only here at Right Coast Pro to win championships, but to help spread the Mascot Brigade’s Message of eating healthy, staying fit, while living life with a passion and excelling at education. Direct from the DMC™ Dojo Paris Branch, as well as DMC Dojo of Mascot Island, this masked superstar is a proud member of Coastee’s Mascot Brigade and is frequently seen at public appearances spreading the message of positive youth development.

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Don’t let this masked luchadores’ good will ambassadorship overshadow the fact that Norangé Ocho is a top tier elite athlete with years of experience and a style second to none. He has trained internationally under the Renegade Training Banner, he has attended the RCP Developmental Wrestling School, the Renegade FC Academy of Futbol, and participates actively in over five sports. Norangé Ocho has a passion for flair, as seen in his outlandish ring and public appearance attire. Currently he is wrestling at RCP in the faction which calls itself “The Mascot Island Misfits” or MI-M for short. He frequently teams with fellow DMC™ Dojo Master ScareCrow at Right Coast Pro Wrestling Events in Delaware and is managed by long time Delaware Combative Sport Agent Sebastian Night.

When you see Norangé at the show, give him a big OCHO shout out. In the meantime just say NO!

NO to fast food.

NO to sugar laden energy drinks.

NO to being selfish.

NO to over commercialized youth fitness programs.

NO to sitting in your chair behind a computer screen all day!

Say Yes to eating 8 servings of fruit and vegetables daily.

Yes to playing outside more.

Yes to being creative.

Yes to thinking ‘out of the box’. Why? Because we all win when kids play more and eat healthier.

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NorangeOcho A RCP40 KirkwoodSoccer RightCoastProWrestling

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You can catch this show stopper in the squared circle at the new RCP Arena aka the Greater Newark Boys and Girls Club of Delaware on a regular basis. See our home page for upcoming event details as well as event blogs. RCP Pro Wrestling Home Page

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