Right Coast Pro Official Championship: 

Official belt RightCoast Pro Wrestling Delaware

The Right Coast Pro “Olympus" Championship, is a championship to allow any competitor the opportunity at greatness. As with all champions, those lucky enough to compete for, much less win, the RCP Olympus Championship must possess a level of Drive, Dedication and Commitment above that of ‘normal’ athletes.

While the Official Belt debuted at RCP’s Strange Happenings Wrestling Event, it can and will be defended in a variety of scenarios that might be outside that of a wrestling ring. The Champion must be up for any challenge, anywhere, against any opponent of Right Coast Pro Management’s choosing. The RightCoastPro Ollympus Belt concept was created by JJ Johnston aka JJ the Ring Crew Guy and perfected by Top Rope Belts Artist Jesse Justice and then manufactured by Top Rope Belts Owner Randy Jackson.

Current Champion: The Asian Assassin Setsu Ginsu

SetsuGinsu B RCP47 RightCoastProWrestlingDelaware

SetsuGinsu A RCP47 RightCoastProWrestlingDelaware

Olympus 43 RCP47 RightCoastProWrestlingDelaware

Champion: The Asian Assassin Setsu Ginsu

Event: RCP-47 "September Reign"

Reign: 15Sept18-Current

Former Champion: Heavyweight Sean Royal

SeanRoyal A TurnBackTime RightCoastProWrestling

SeanRoyal B TurnBackTime RightCoastProWrestling

Champion: Heavyweight Sean Royal

Event: RCP-39 "Back in Time"

Reign: 04Nov2017-15Sept18

Former Champion: Mr. Intensity Jerry Baldwin

JerryBaldwin D RCP36 RightCoast ProWrestling Delaware Entertainment Event

JerryBaldwin C RCP36 RightCoast ProWrestling Delaware Entertainment Event

Champion: Mr. Intensity Jerry Baldwin

Event: RCP-36 "Mums the Word"

Reign: 13May2017-04Nov3017

RCP Inaugural "Official" Champion: Referee Jim Dixon

Dixon Official champ RightCoast Pro Wrestling Delaware

Referee Jim Dixon Defeated Contractor #1 in a Strange Rumblings Battle Royal on November 19, 2016 at RightCoastPro’s Strange Happenings Delaware Event (RCP-33)

Dixon E Official champ RightCoast Pro Wrestling Delaware

See this beautifully crafted belt and its worthy Champion at every RCP Pro Wrestling Event. 

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