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 Tickets 148 500

The RCP Arena in Newark Delaware aka the Greater Newark Boys and Girls Club was abuzz with excitement as the professional athletes of Right Coast Pro Wrestling over delivered at the ‘September Summit’ community sports event on the 16th of September 2017.


SeptemberSummit 1 RightCoast Pro Wrestling Delaware

RCP wishes to thank the standing room only crowd of fans that packed the house for what was termed one of the best shows of the year on the independent wrestling circuit. Check Back Regularly for More Results, Pictures and of course Mascot Coastee & Dexter Boykin’s highlight video of RCP-38. Quick Results:

QuickResults SeptemberSummit RightCoast Pro Wrestling Delaware

The Night started off with a live performance of our National Anthem by the lovely Morgan Burns

RightCoastprowrestling RCP38 Summit Sept2017 MorganAnthem 02

Match #1 Heavyweight Sean Royal defeats Untouchable Bobby Wayward by pin-fall in a highly competitive traditional pro wrestling match.

SeptemberSummit 5 RightCoast Pro Wrestling Delaware

Match #2 The Legendary Chick Magnet Mozart Fontaine vs The Parisian Spaniard Norangé Ocho went to a No Contest due to interference by The Jason Wilson Experience and his Masked Contractors. Note: The Aesthetic Male Damian Gibbs with an appearance that sent the Contractors packing.

SeptemberSummit 3 RightCoast Pro Wrestling Delaware

SeptemberSummit 6 RightCoast Pro Wrestling Delaware

Match #3 “RCP Olympus Championship” Match: Mr. Intensity Jerry Baldwin w/Brutus defeated “Taylor Made” Tim Taylor with a questionable pin fall victory that saw Mr. Intensity utilizing the ropes for leverage. This was a highly competitive championship caliber match pitting sheer power vs amateur wrestling expertise.

SeptemberSummit 4 RightCoast Pro Wrestling Delaware


SeptemberSummit 9 RightCoast Pro Wrestling Delaware

Match #4 “Right Coast Pro Tag Team Championship” Match: Champions: The Mexican Hardcore Champion Pedro Duro + God’s Gift Aaron Stride w/ Josh Maddoxx defeated Sir Spaulding’s Savages with a pin-fall victory that left the Savages more furious and un-controllable than ever!

SeptemberSummit 8 RightCoast Pro Wrestling Delaware

Match #5 “Number One Contender” Match: Former WWE Superstar Big Gene Snitsky defeated The Genuine Article Shawn Donavan in five star exhibition of top independent wrestling talent. 

SeptemberSummit 12 RightCoast Pro Wrestling Delaware

SeptemberSummit 13 RightCoast Pro Wrestling Delaware

Match #6 “Right Coast Pro Heavyweight Championship” Champion ‘The Definition of a Ring Technician’ Harry M Baldwin defeated Disco Dave with a sit out body-slam set up by a distraction from manager Sebastian Night.

SeptemberSummit 7 RightCoast Pro Wrestling Delaware

Match #7 “Student Summit Battle Royal” Thirteen students made their debut: Myles Millennium , Urie Gregoree , ‘The True Italian’ Donnie Vinchenzo, ‘The Albanian Warrior’ Devin Dovak, Gary Loco Lofo, Seirios, Dexter Boykin, NovaGT, Carlos Nelson, Johnny Collegiate, ScareCrow and Referee Nicki. Myles Millennium emerged victorious in this competitive over the top rope battle royal consisting of all Right Coast Pro Developmental Wrestling School Students.

SeptemberSummit 11 RightCoast Pro Wrestling Delaware

Match #8 America’s Kraziest ( ‘America’s Best’ Colton Quest, Slim Jim, Tricky Ricky) defeated the Foreign Powers (‘The Argentinian Strategist’ Just Neph, ‘The Richest Man in Haiti’ Brian Profit and ‘The Asian Assassin’ Setsu Ginsu w/ Clarke Kelly) in one crazy 6-Man Texas Tornado Tag Match that saw everything from Flags to Chairs, to Ladders and everything in between. You had to see it to believe it!

SeptemberSummit 2 RightCoast Pro Wrestling Delaware

SeptemberSummit 10 RightCoast Pro Wrestling Delaware

As always the RCP Elite Pro’s were available for a fan meet and greet after the event in the Greater Newark Boys and Girls Club of Delaware’s Lobby in addition  the an appearance from the Mascot Brigade's Coastee!

RightCoastPro is a community based high-energy, professionally produced pro-wrestling event at an affordable price right in your neighborhood! RightCoastPro features a night of family friendly fun with great pro wrestling action,

Baldwin Disco 1 SeptemberSummit RightCoast Pro Wrestling Delaware

Donavan Snitsky 3 SeptemberSummit RightCoast Pro Wrestling Delaware

RCP38 RightCoastProWrestling Summit Sept2017 BFFsAlexcia

RCP38 RightCoastProWrestling Summit Sept2017 JaredMarc

RCP38 RightCoastProWrestling Summit Sept2017 KrazyKids Jon

Donavan Snitsky 4 SeptemberSummit RightCoast Pro Wrestling Delaware

RightCoastProWrestling RCP38 Summit Sept2017 JoshLindas

Mascot Coastee SeptemberSummit RightCoastPro

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