It matters

‘It’ is simpler than one can imagine and with consequences that profoundly change your life as well as career.

Care more, people matter.

A few hours ago I was asked in a meeting how a group of young sales professionals could improve their results. The debate had lingered well before my arrival and as much as they brought up the worthwhile issue of qualifying leads and how to ‘seed’ their potential audience, my response was far more direct;

It matters.

It, the probability of your clientele achieving their goals and, most importantly, improving the quality of their life in some manner, must matter deeply to you. You have to be passionate, regardless if a career matter, an issue in your home life or any number of personal activities but absolute success will only come if ‘it matters’.

‘It matters’ sits adjacent to one of the greatest focal points of leader.

It matters so you care.

When we remove our ego from the equation and serve a greater good that is when the true magic behinds. Serving, giving, caring, these are deep heartfelt sentiments of a true leader and the foundation of raising an individual prepared for the helm.

If your focus in the future is to lead, then do so humbly and with each step care more as people matter.


Prepared by John Davies

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Average is never enough

One of the most interesting memories of my early career, say 1983, came by chance when recruited by a highly prominent firm at the time and the CEO gave a quick impromptu speech to the top recruits.

His comments were direct, made a stern point and without question a sign of the time, ‘he does not expect anyone to work more than eighty hours a week’.

At this moment many reading in 2018 are aghast at such demands and before assault on his commentary is met with rattling drums and sabres, he lead a tremendously successful career and left his stamp in real estate in the world’s finest cities.

The point was and for that matter is,

What is behind you is of no importance.

There is something remarkable of the sound and feel of a powerful engine as you shift into top gear, push the needle faster faster to the red line and with a glance of the vanishing landscape in the rear view mirror you realise what is behind you is of no importance.

I learned that early in life, experienced more than a few ‘vanishing landscapes’ from behind the wheel but beyond seeing how quick you could bury the needle in a ’68 Charger, it was about more, a lot more. It was about not worrying about what was behind you because what is behind will always stay behind you.

It was about leading, not accepting of a pack that never tasted risk, was

'Look how wrong you can be'

Somewhere along the road travelled, likely around 1982 or so, I began to understand my greatest enemy was staring back at me in the mirror.

It was me. My fears, my worse than you can imagine destructive habits and, despite the —- façade, insecurities were weighing me down.

The Diamond Mine

Where did I leave off, oh yes, it was 1983 and somewhere along the road the troubled punk kid grew up real fast and began to understand, all of ‘this’ was about something bigger.

Possibly, no probably, it started in the back of my head ten years earlier as a boy dying in a hospital bed and just dreaming of being a part of a team, a boy just dreaming, or maybe it was a teen that was everyone’s consensus ‘trouble’ and not given a chance, or maybe, just maybe, it was the first suggestion of maturity but in some impossible to imagine moment I realised there was a reason I made it through and I had a purpose.


Such a simple word that means so very much and yet so very few decide to have purpose.

What is purpose. Well allow me to explain because it is not about baubles and trinkets or

Sleight of Hand

Welcome, to the new home and I might I add, the final home for my written works.

As my readers have become accustomed to through the many years my choice of topics will range, and amongst ‘the dance’ as wide as one could imagine, there will be a theme. However before I nudge closer and slowly reveal this theme allow me to go back 1983 , months before the start of my career, when I first penned a book.

Davies RightCoastPro Pic5

It was 1983 that I wrote my first book. In retrospect and with the wisdom that only the years can provide, it was painful journey of a young man finding his way in life and revealing between lines a passion for the uncharted waters that lay ahead. I certainly did know or remotely understand such when I tapped away on my typewriter from midnight to dawn but now, looking back through weary years, I realise that said book was a blueprint for the next thirty-five years.

The horizon, whether storm clouds or warm hues, would call to me and so it did.

Now 2018 and as I embark on this new final frontier of

Mastery on the Gridiron, part one

JimStieh DelawareFootball RightCoastPro 3

Admittedly and without shame, I am a lifelong athlete. I compete in many sports, some quite diverse and many which are rarely discussed or given the respect in the English-speaking media, yet each has a remarkable story. Reflecting the region of their genesis, each sport says something of the people, their vision on life, its struggles and strains.

While the modern era of sport and the media has erroneously made sporting activities seem more focused upon the financial balance sheet, the true bottom line is the lessons they teach. Though sport echoes society, it has a unique power to shape young leaders of tomorrow and teach honor, commitment and loyalty and that “adversity is something you overcome”. While Baseball is known as “America’s Pastime”, Football is undeniably a sport that cuts deep into the fabric of the nation.

Introducción al Fútbol Moderno | Pt. 1

está en una encrucijada peculiar donde el desarrollo de jugadores está retrasado en muchas regiones a pesar de las grandes fortunas invertidas en el entrenamiento. En muchos casos, los programas nacionales abundantes de inversiones financieras se encuentran cercos a desorden mientras que su desarrollo se desacelera o su estado de ser una ‘entidad de potencia’ es un recuerdo del pasado. Las razones por esto son más sencillas que uno puede pensar.

We all start powerful but only the strong will endure. You may have the perfect diet and training plan, but the mind will limit us every time. Why is it you can’t stick to a diet? Or why has your bench max been the same for the last several years.

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Renegade Training Founder John Davies shares 5 mindsets that are setting you back.

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