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Chachi a RCP32 RightCoast Pro Wrestling Delaware EventThe Latin Lover Chachi came into Right Coast Pro Wrestling’s HomeComing event with a seeming unsurmountable goal, defeat three highly skilled professional wrestlers in succession to get an opportunity to court the girl of his dreams. While it was a fairy tale ending, the journey was far from pleasant for Chachi.

MrIntensity A RCP32 RightCoast Pro Wrestling Delaware EventMr. Intensity came into RightCoastPro’s HomeComing pro wrestling sporting event on a roll. Every event he has been steadily working up Coastee’s Championship Power Rankings growing ever closer to the coveted Number 1 Contender sport. We’ll that road took a slight detour as Disco Dave brought his “A Game” along with his 70’s strut, managing to pull off a uncontested pin fall victory at the Greater Newark Boys and Girls Club.

Contractors RCP32 RightCoast Pro Wrestling Delaware EventHired to get the job done on time and under budget, “The Contractors” almost pulled off the unthinkable by defeating Delaware’s Pro Wrestling Tag Team Champions “The Heavyweights.” Heavyweight Sean Royal and Jr. Heavyweight Tim Taylor were forced to abandon their game plan early in this combative contest due to the unconventional offense displayed by The Contractors.SeanRoyal c RCP32 RightCoast Pro Wrestling Delaware Event

SetsuGinsu A RCP32 RightCoast Pro Wrestling Delaware Event

To say it was anything less than an all out war between two highly skilled combative athletes from different countries would be an understatement. “The Asian Assassin” Setsu Ginsu did not make any friends at the RCP Arena (Greater Newark Boys and Girls Club of Delaware) Saturday night when he, and manager Clarke Kelly, hijacked the megatron and plastered a Japanese Imperial Navy Flag over Right Coast Pro Wrestling’s big screen as if it were there HomeComing. Of course they came out on stage waving the same flag.

hollowsstable A RightCoast Pro Wrestling school

Saying you want to be the best, and actually making steps towards being the best are two different things. The students and coaches comprising Team Right Coast Pro and their respected professional wrestling school in Newark Delaware took enormous strides in accomplishing their goals of being the best they can possibly be by bring the best pro wrestling training directly to Team RCP in Coach Mike Hollow of Hollow’s Stable.

JimSlim A RCP32 RightCoast Pro Wrestling Delaware Event

RightCoastPro Developmental School Head Trainer Mozart Fontaine teamed with his star pupil, Slim Jim in a tag team match against RCP Heavyweight Champion Aaron Stride and his student Brian Profit. It was an energetic match to say the least with each student wanting to outdo the other and make strong impressions in their official professional wrestling “debut” at the Greater Newark Boys and Girls Club of Delaware

The formula for an epic combative sports match is simple. Pair up two superior athletes that just don’t like each other and want to be the “Alpha’s” of a company, give them a stage to perform on, a competent official, an enthusiastic audience and ring the bell. The formula was right on for Saturday Night’s match between former WWE talent Big Gene Snitsky and Wrestling’s Man of Steel Chris Steeler at the Right Coast Pro Wrestling Event “Homecoming” at the Greater Newark Boys and Girls Club of Delaware.

SmallFront poster RCP32 homecoming RightCoast ProWrestling Delaware

America’s Best Colton Quest faces his toughest challenge to date on October 15 at the Greater Newark Boys and Girls Club of Delaware when he takes on Pro Wrestling Sensation Setsu Ginsu, otherwise known as the Oriental Assassin. Tickets are on Sale Now.Tickets are on sale now:Click Here

Snitsky intensity RCP31 RightCoast Pro Wrestling Delaware Event

On 10-15-16 at the Greater Newark Boys and Girls Club of Delaware we will find out if former WWE Talent Big Gene Snitsky is indeed Wrestling’s Man of Steel, Chris Steeler’s, Kryptonite live at Right Coast Pro’s Home Coming professional wrestling sporting event. Tickets are on Sale Now.Tickets are on sale now:Click Here

Sport Agent Clarke Kelly once more pulled some strings with upper management at Right Coast Pro to gain control of RCP’s October Homecoming Event Championship Contracts. In a surprising move he outsourced the highly coveted opportunity to a team simply known as The Contractors

Right Coast Pro Wrestling is very pleased to announce that Philly rock musician John Faye will be the musical guest for our Home Coming Pro Wrestling and Sporting Event at the Greater Newark Boys and Girls Club of Delaware on October 15. Sport and the Arts thrive as one at RCP. As a Philadelphia rock musician, John started his music career in the mid-90’s with Newark based band “The Caulifields” and was signed to a major label record deal with A&M Records. He has 13 full length albums to his credit and has just released a new solo single “Miss America”

You can not have a Home Coming event without a home coming dance. Disco Dave knows how to strut on the dance floor as well as party with Hollywood’s Top Celebrities’, but he also knows before he can do any dancing on 10-15-16 at RCP’s Home Coming Event, he must first defeat fellow combative athlete Jerry Baldwin in this Delaware sporting event.


Clarke Kelly once again shocks the RCP fan base by announcing that he holds the contracts for October 15ths Right Coast Pro Tag Team Championship Match at the Greater Newark Boys and Girls Club. Many are looking at this move by Clarke Kelly as a part of another Takeover attempt as he has contracted with great success former WWE Talent Gene Snitsky to remove the Heavyweight Championship from Wrestling’s Man of Steel’s waist


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